Yarennoka: Fedor Returns Quick Results

fedor vs choi yarennoka

Yarennoka! is Live from the Saitama Super Arena near Toyko, Japan. Some say its “The rise of PRIDE FC” others say its the “Final Farewell of PRIDE FC”. Whatever it is, Yarennoka could possibly be the future of Japanese MMA.

HDNet Fights will broadcast the full event LIVE, re-naming the event HDNet Fights: Fedor Returns.



  1. Melendez lost? Fedor wins the giant by armbar? Man, really sucks that I don't have HDNet.

  2. fedor must have stretched out his entire body just to get choi's arm in that armbar.

  3. Fedor's THE MAN.

  4. was Melendez lost thats a shock, Fedor beat the guy thats not a shock

  5. I had no idea Choi was that big. The guy makes Fedor look like a kid. Yeah, can't wait to see a replay of that armbar.

  6. Looking at the picture, the size difference was greater than I thought as well.

  7. Fedor won with jujitsu key master and defeat the big guy, because he doesn´t want to break his arm, poor little girl!

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