WWE Wrestler C.M. Punk Will Walk Chael Sonnen Down the Isle at UFC on FOX 2

The people’s champ in MMA (Chael Sonnen) is reportedly going to be escorted by the people’s champ in the WWE (C.M. Punk) at UFC on FOX 2 on January 28th. Why would C.M. Punk do this? Because he is an avid MMA fan and the event is being held in his hometown of Chicago. But on top of that, both are the bad boys in their profession and both are considered the very best trash talkers in the game.

UFC on FOX 2 will be held on January 28th in Chicago, Ill. where Chael Sonnen will face Mark Munoz in one of three maincard fights for the event.


  1. How sweet. Sonnen is getting walked down the isle. After Brock signs with the WWE Sonnen is going to be right behind him.

  2. G.B.Hamerick says:

    Sonnen is an idiot…time for him to get submitted again

  3. Ron Pauly says:

    23 days until Sonnen gets smacked around by the better wrestler Mark Munoz.

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