WWE Celebs: Stone Cold, Goldberg, Ross and Haymen Comment On Brock Lesnar’s Win At UFC 116

Brock Lesnar’s former professional wrestling colleagues react to Brock Lesnar win over Shane Carwin at UFC 116.


  1. Alvan Dal says:

    Won't be long now and we'll have a UFC Battle Royal

  2. GSP is a whore says:

    Who were those guys?

  3. WHODINI says:

    WHAT ?

  4. They are TV Wrestlers, which is popular in North America. They are not pro-athletes though, they are entertainers that poorly pretend to fight along with a soap opera-like story line complete with good-guys and bad-guys. Brock Lesnar used to work for the main organization called WWF.

    It's pretty common knowledge here in the U.S., where do you live?

  5. WHODINI says:

    that was a poke at Austin the crowd always said…. what /

  6. i think its cool that they support lesnar.

  7. GSP is a whore says:

    Never seen them or heard of them before. They look like imposing guys, can they battle?

  8. No

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