WVR Sengoku 5 Results

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Main Card

  • Muhammed Lawal (1-0) defeats Travis Wiuff (53-12) via TKO (R1)
  • Xande Ribeiro (1-0) defeats Takashi Sugiura (1-3) via TKO (R3)
  • Jorge Masvidal (13-4) defeats Ryan Schultz (20-11-1) via TKO (R1)
  • Kiuma Kunioku (33-22-9) defeats A Sol Kwon (5-4) via unanimous decision

First Round of the Middleweight Grand Prix


  1. Jorge Masvidal is good. Look up some of his fights. He has fought some street fights with Kimbos posse. He actually beat a guy who hung around with kimbos crew twice. The first fight was great. Look it up "Jorge vs Ray" street fight. But he has a tko win over Yves Edwards and now he owned ryan the lion I want to see him fight on UFC's undercard.

  2. Wow, he beat somebody from Kimbo's crew! Must be the real deal then. lol You sure know everything steve. Truth is if they don't fight in Thailand with broken glass on their fists then they shouldn't even be mentioned! lol Mylee I love you, please call me back, we can make it work.

  3. just another mma dud says:

    Hey, Tong Po, don't mess with Kimbo. That's crossing the line! I hear he drinks a glass of broken fists for breakfast. Broken fists collected from those who had nightmares about Kimbo the night before. And he once went without sex through the 80's in anticipation of the Beasty Boy's classic, "You gotta fight for your right to party". At least thats what he told everyone.

  4. Kimbo is getting a big name, If you ask me I think he lost his last fight.

  5. Oh no, Kimbo had sex in the 80's because he has 20 kids.

  6. just another mma dud says:

    All of his kids are under the age of 16 so that proves that he, indeed, did not have sex in the 80's. It is widely know that he fathered all of his kids on March 14th, 1992 under the guise that he was headed off to WWII to "settle the score" pitching this lie to a beauty school in Indianola, IA. The mothers in question were not much for history so complied to his begs. It is speculated that Chris Horodecki is his love child.

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