WTF-5? Brock Lesnar Makes His Presence Felt on Monday Night Raw

I’ll be the first to say that I didn’t think much of reports that Brock Lesnar was returning to the WWE. But after seeing his return to Monday Night RAW, I think he is finally back where we belongs.


  1. Oh Shit Oh Shit Oh Shit

  2. Ron Pauly says:

    Lesnar needs to up that cycle. He is looking a little small for WWE standards.

  3. I thought he looked small to.Compared to before he went to the ufc.

  4. BigDaddy says:

    He's still coming off illness so he's probably not 100% yet.

  5. G.B Brick says:

    Brock has just not started his normal workout. Seems he just bulked down and not brought his body back to its usual tone. After all this is the WWE not the UFC.

  6. I think he didn't look cut like he used to be. Some roids and WWE weight rooms will probably get him up to over 300 again.

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