Wild Story: Nick Diaz Parking Lot “Pen Stabbing”

I know your tired of Nick Diaz, but I had to put this up.


  1. Nick Diaz!! probably the most boring dude alive??

  2. Kung Fu Panda says:

    Zulu – "boring"? I am sure that everyone has a different opinion and could come up with a differerent adjective to describe him…I think that boring would be a first. I like him as a fighter and could not really argue that he is not ghetto, angry, confused, lost, ganstafied…lost of adjectives but don't agree with boring.

    He is an exciting fighter with a troubled life.

  3. I think that's the most articulate he's ever been on "camera". Anyone notice towards the end of his story no one was paying attention to him anymore?

  4. oldiais77 says:

    they are high as shit! dude at the start of vid is blazing up and then hands it to nick

  5. The really funny thing about this video is that Nick goes from sounding really excited and saying he basically kicked these two guys asses. Then as he backtracks it's him saying these guys kicked his ass and he had to ask for his phone back. Funny. Nate just looked sad for his brother.

  6. He actually sounds like he's having a good time in this vid. He should be high all the time.

  7. he's great fighter and the Marijuana has nothing to do with his attitude you Judemental keyboard wizards

  8. Jay is the funny one. We love you and your silly comments Jay!

    Don't ever change!

    drugs have nothing to do with his attitude…hilarious

  9. smackallica says:

    Wow. Riveting stuff. Where's a grizzly bear when you need one?

  10. P4P #1 Fan says:

    Jay- I like the Diaz's fighting style a lot. They are always aggresive but I have to say that I am really getting anoyed with their drama. I have met Nick years ago at a grappling tournament and he was real nice, nothing like the persona that we have seen. I will continue to be a fan but I could see why so many people hate on them.

  11. I gotta say, I did not think mountain biking would be a hobby of theirs, and I can't believe I am the first to point that out. It really sounded like he was making up the story as he went along.

  12. Yeah!

    Seriously the immature Diaz Brothers in Biking outfits on the trails. I guess you can never judge a book by it's cover.

  13. P4P #1 Fan says:

    Ryan S, believe it or not, the Diaz brothers, at least Nick, pothead and all, competes as a triathlete. He has competed numerous times. I am not sure how good he is but he has stated that the swimming, running, and biking has helped his endurance for fights. I know that it does not seem logical, knowing of his habits, but these guys are good athletes. If they were able to stay away from so much drama and really put all of that energy an focus on MMA, they would be monsters. I am fan of them as fighters but could do without the other crap.

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