WEC 53 “Henderson vs Pettis” Results LIVE

WEC 53 “Ben Henderson vs Anthony Pettis” — Live on Versus from the Jobing.com Arena in Glendale, Az.



Event Notes

  • Eddie Wineland earned 10K for “Knockout of the Night”
  • Shane Roller earned 10K for “Submission of the Night”
  • Anthony Pettis and BenHenderson both earn 10K for “Fight of the Night”
  • WEC 53 Videos Here

Anthony Pettis ninja cage kick GIF after the jump,


  1. Sick card ….. Pettis kick off the cage could have been knockout of the decade but hendersons chin is amazing

  2. Wow, I was just looking at the prelims and Jamie Varner lost again? He fell fast. It could not have happened to a bigger prick. Good to see an ass like that fall from the top. Awesome card to end the WEC! Pettis' ground game is a lot better than I thought it was. He at least matched Ben's ground and possibly even had an edge there.

  3. I am actually quite sad now that the WEC is over, they put on the shows that the UFC couldn't and they did it for free as well, people will say to cheer up because you will see these guys in the UFC now, well technically they would be right but now I will probably only see half of them fighting in the UFC and now I will have to see them at a price.

  4. Flying Armbar says:

    Fakearms- Most of the 135 and 145 poind fighter should be kept because that is all the UFC will have to start with, with the exception of a few signing. The ones that will be affected will be the 155 fighters because the UFC already has fighters in that weight class. I only see the UFC keeping 6 or 7 of them . They will also probably cut the bottom ones on the UFC roster but that will hopefully mean better fights for us. I loved the WEC. I cannot recall one shitty event that they put on. Hopefully they will be able to help the UFC because some of the recent events have been pretty shitty. Last night they said that the UFC will have 4 events on Versus on 2011 and the UFC should continue to have TUF Finales, Fight Nights, and a couple free events on Spike…so we should continue to get a good amount of free events.

  5. Markito, I agree that kick was the sickest kick I've see in MMA. Could have been the KO of the century but your right…Henderson has a chin.

  6. pettis is a beast… i think him against maynard or edgar has the makings of a great fight… lookin forward to cerrone coming to the ufc… actually looking forward to alot of these guys coming to ufc… i think the merge will open up all kinds of potentially good, fresh fights with fighters who aren't totally familiar with each other( well mainly in the lightweight division).. great card, i thought every fight was entertaining… maybe just me but it looked like dominic cruz was fighting in the matrix…

  7. Pettis kick was nuts. Funny how cerrone is immediately callin out cole miller and he just got done with this fight.

    Cruz is crazy good. Looks like Lyoto out there. Faber v Cruz for ultimate fighter would be an awesome season.

  8. Hosan….i like that Faber vs Cruz for a season of TUF. that would be awesome.

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