WEC 51 “Aldo vs Gamburyan” Results LIVE

WEC 51 “Aldo vs Gamburyan – takes place on Sept. 30th from 1STBank Center in Broomfield, Colorado.

Headlining the event is a featherweight title fight between the champion Jose Aldo and TUF standout Manny Gamburyan.

The main card gets underway at 9pm EST live on Versus.




  1. i would be interested to see donald cerrone in the ufc. i think that would make for a lot of interesting fights.

  2. Jose Aldo is a fucking badass. All the fights were exciting really nice show put on by wec.

  3. Aldo is amazing.

    Whats next for him?

  4. aldo is the fucking man… i dont even know of anyone that can hang with him in that weight class…

  5. mma clothing says:

    Aldo was awsome!!

  6. Aldo is ridiculous. Who else is there for him to fight?

    The Korean Zombie went down like he was in a coffin after that head kick!

  7. PoppyNick says:

    Aldo is the man, all around a great event last night.

  8. Obviously aldo is ridiculous, but every time i see mark hominick i'm always impressed. He's got some seriously tight kickboxing.

    I'm glad cerrone won. I feel like he din't have to be such a dick but i don't even really know why these guys hate each other. Is it because of the illegal knee in their first fight? I think varner could have continued to fight after that but honestly it didn't seem like a big deal. I thought the first fight was pretty much even.

    I don't know what the zombie's game plan was, but it didn't work =/

    I've been a big miguel torres fan since i started watching wec and it's nice to see him look a lil bit more like his old self. Viscous victory by torres.

    Anyone else sad to see mike brown already on the prelim card?

  9. no kidding Aldo should move 2 the UFC. but make him stay at 145. the guy's a freak of nature

  10. 10001110101 says:

    Hosan, any other card and Brown would have been on the main card. This even was STACKED. I cant think of anyone who should have been bumped down in his place.

    But yeah, it totally sucked for him.

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