WEC 48 “Aldo vs Faber” Results

WEC 48 “Aldo vs Faber” – April 24th from the Arco Arena in Sacramento, CA. Headlining the card is hometown boy Urijah Faber challenging the champion Jose Aldo for the WEC featherweight title. Then a rematch between Ben Henderson and Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone for the WEC lightweight belt. Also the former featherweight champion Mike Brown will look to take out his aggression on TUF standout Manny Gamburyan.



Event Notes

  • UFC President Dana White announced to the fighters that they would be competing for 65K bonuses, a huge jump from the 10k awards handed out at WEC 47.


  1. Faber, Cowboy, Brown, Njokuani, Jorgensen

  2. CobraClutch says:

    Just curious…is anyone buying this PPV after WEC has always been free?

    Aldo, Henderson, Brown, Njokuani, Jorgensen

  3. yeah cobra i was thinkig exacly the same thing.

  4. i think now everone knows faber isn't as good as everyone wants him to be!!! ALDO BITCHES!!!! home town BULL SHIT HIPE!!!!!!!

  5. first off that was one of the best MMA pay per view's I've watched. It was worth the buy. I still think Faber is good I just have more respect now for his toughness. most guys would look for a way out of the fight when they're that hurt. what it did prove is that aldo is on another level. i don't even know who they can throw at him now.

  6. CobraClutch says:

    Well, I got a few right…much better than my last set of predictions where I whiffed the whole thing. hahaha.

    Manny impressed big time, so did Ben, and Aldo did pretty much what I expected (which was exhibit complete ownage on Faber). With Brown getting KTFO, I guess you would have to put up Manny as the next sacrificial lamb for Aldo to crush.

  7. agreed, i think faber is just fine, i just think that aldo is gsp and silva, hes just that much better than everyone else in the wieght class.

  8. CagE, you messed up on the title of this page. It's Aldo Vs. Faber, not Brown…

  9. The Korean Zombie got robbed! Those judges are totally trying to keep the Asian man down. Awesome fights though.

  10. i watched the fight twice and i thought leonard garcia won the fight, but it was really close. its funny that they rode together to the hospital after the fight. they'll fight again.

  11. it'd be a cool idea to move wec 155 champ up to ufc's 155 division after 2 or 3 title defenses. Ben H looked great. Move him up.

  12. hendersen looked awesome! wouldnt mind seeing him get the call up

  13. CobraClutch says:

    I think it's only a matter of time before they combine the two leagues. I liked the idea at first about having only the lighter weights in the WEC. It gave it it's own identity without making it a "farm league." However, with the over-lapping division of 155, the lack of the WEC logo anywhere on the PPV, the UFC gang doing all the announcing and promotions, and the UFC's new deal to put on exclusive "UFC on Versus" shows…it really looks like the WEC doesn't have a place in the long term plans of the UFC.

    Question for everyone: Now that Elite XC and Affliction tanked, Strikeforce fighters (who can still fight…a la Shields) are looking to move to the UFC, and PRIDE/WEC being gobbled up by the UFC brass…is this good for the sport or bad to only have one major league? It obviously works fine for the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. But this is a new and growing sport, and I'm wondering if the lack of competition will hurt it in the long run.


  14. I personally love the competition. More mma for us.

    Bellator this past week was a great show also… I'd watch it all everyday if I could.

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