WEC 45 Cerrone vs. Ratcliff Results


Fight get underway around 10pm EST live on Versus.



  1. BJJ Brown Belt says:

    This was a pretty good event. The little guys definitely know how to put on action packed fights. But what weas Chris Horodecki thinking? I could not beleive that he would turn his back like that. What an idiot! The lay-off definitely put a lot of rust on him. You have to love Cerrone. I really like his style-he is always agressive. And he is a true MMA fighter in that he can submit you or knock you out. I first saw this guy on an episode of "Tap Out" and he has continue to improve. In my opinion, he should still be undefeated but nonetheless, he will be champ one day. The next WEC event has a lot of the top stars fighting – it should be real good!

  2. Im english and im pissd that i cant get w.e.c over here its bollocks, good to see brad 1 punch won his debut, been following him since the early cage rage days. Always fun to watch

  3. not a bad event like you said ..Horodecki he looked scared from the begining …i really didn't thunk was that good anyway .. it's funny how the fighters will shine in one venue and look bad in another ..level of competion i guess

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