WEC 40 “Torres vs Mizugaki” Results


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  1. SUCKS THAT BART AND EDDIE WINELAND both lost..hope they come back

  2. didnt bart just fight on the last ppv?

  3. i cant believe curran lost. i guess that throws away any chance of him fighting torres anytime soon.

  4. I think Miz fought well enough to get a rematch after the Bowels fight. If Torres wins that is.

  5. Mizugaki fought VERY well, he'll definitely get a rematch at some point, loved the way he countered

  6. I thought Mizugaki was outsriking him and landing the cleaner shots for the first 3 rounds. I gave Torres the 2nd round and 4th and had it even going into the 5th round. It was obvious that Mizugaki got tires in the 4th and 5th doing almost nothing but laying on the fence. It was funny to hear Frank Mir try and say that Torres was landing the cleaner blows. When it was the opposite and then he said that he wasnt losing the stand up but he was trying to take it down to avoid being cut more. He may have wanted to not get cut more but he was getting outstruck. Torres was clinching well but he won that fight b/c Mizugaki got tired.

  7. dane drebin says:

    id definetly like to see mizugaki fight torres without being on short notice and having a full training camp.

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