WEC 36 “Faber vs. Brown” Weigh-In Results


Urijah Faber (144.5) vs. Mike Brown (145)*
Paulo Filho (189)** vs. Chael Sonnen (184.5)
Leonard Garcia (144.5) vs. Jens Pulver (144)
Nissen Osterneck (184.5) vs. Jake Rosholt (185.5)


Donald Cerrone (156) vs. Rob McCullough (155.5)
Carmello Marrero (206) Steve Steinbeiss (202)
Yoshiro Maeda (135) vs. Rani Yayha (137)*
David Avellan (185) vs. Aaron Simpson (184.5)
Jose Aldo (146) vs. Jonathan Brookins (146)
Rafael Dias (155) vs. Danny Castillo (156)

* Missed weight on first attempt but made it on second attempt.
** Missed weight (192) on first attempt. Also missed (189) on second attempt. Now a non-title fight, only three rounds.
*** Missed weight but Maeda agreed to the fight anyway.


  1. just another mma dud says:

    Paulo Fihlo is such a tool!

  2. Filho should be stripped. How many excuses can this guy come up with not to defend the belt? He's running from the inevitable.

  3. Filho missed weight on purpose. He was threatened to lose his belt and he wasn't confident enough to win this fight.

  4. just another mma dud says:

    Does anyone know if he has to defend his belt within a certain amount of time or lose the title? This fight certainly constitute a title defense. Chael seems like a really respectful guy and well spoken so I doubt if he will say what is going through his mind right now. If it were me, I would have recommended Paulo and I go out back and get the fight over with after the weigh-in's if you know what I mean.

  5. paul is joke like i have been saying for a year..

    paul sucks no way in hell he should be 2 best middle weight..paul doeas sterods and cantmake weight and lost the first time fuck paul

  6. 192…WTF!?! riiiiiiiiiidiculous!

  7. Yeah i agree with everyone. seems like he's running from defending against Sonnen.

  8. i agree, and he should be stripped of his belt they are robbing sonnen by making it a non title fight so at least take the belt from paulo he dosn't deserve it anyways.

  9. this was going to be the last title defense in this weight division anyway. they are getting rid of this weight class so if sonnen wins he will surely have bragging rights. I can't wait for the garcia vs pulver fight.

  10. Man I hope Chael destroys him now!

  11. I agree

  12. Let me add that Filho looks like a chubby piece of shit

  13. Businessman says:

    Paulo is an idiot but he is gonna smash Chael. I have not seen anything that impressed me with Chael. He should be in the NCAAs wrestling because that is all he does. Can someone explain what submissions or knockouts are? He is 20 – 9 – 1 with 10 wins by decision. I am tired of boring ass fighters.

  14. Filho is an absolute joke. That performance makes Kalib Starnes look exciting.

  15. Businessman says:

    Common, at least he did not run away. He didn't fight but did not run. He is definitely not the fighter he was. However, how bad did Chael look? Any good fighter would have knocked out the over weight, demon-plagued Filho. Chael is going to the UFC and goind to get killed with his boring ass self.

  16. What about Faber? haha

  17. Garcia looked great at 145. He's an animal. Brown versus Garcia will be good. Then Faber versus Pulver 2. winner gets the champ.

  18. MMA Junkie says:

    Chael is not boring and I bet he will do well in the UFC. He's not just a wrestler…his stand up and ground and pound is world class. Chael annihilated what's his name (young, undefeated, cocky guy) when Paula backed out of the rematch. He beat Paula's face like a mud pie twice now. He just doesn't use jits and submisions because his wrestling and stand-up always keep him on top of his opponent.

  19. MMA Junkie says:

    Speaking of wrestlers. Jake's fight was pretty hilarious! The kid has an insane chin. It's the first time I ever saw someone defeat his opponent by taking so many shots to the face that his opponent was too tired to defend himself against a counter attack! They weren't blocked shots…they were repeated, unanswered direct shots. I laughed out loud when the high kick bounced off his titanium noggin' and knocked the guy off his feet =)

  20. MMA Junkie says:

    Mike Brown's knock-out punch against Uraiah's flying elbow was classic. One of the best knock-out's in quite a while. It's only a matter of time before you get caught with a perfectly timed and placed punch in MMA…no matter how good you are. At least Uriah was dethroned in an exciting fashion rather than a boring 5 round grind out. Garcia vs Brown should be awesome…hopefully Mike's rib injury isn't band. He looked pretty messed up leaving the arena.

  21. Businessman says:

    MMA Junkie, Are you serious? What stand-up? He has no power. Insane Paulo was just standing there barely blocking anything and Chael could not knock him out or put a serious hurting on him? Chael is good at what he does, wrestling and ground and pound. But he is in for a surprise if he thinks that is going to beat guys in the UFC. When he is going up against someone that actually cares, actually is in shape, actually makes weight, and actually looks at him, then we"ll see how good he is. Are you telling me that he could be beat Silva, Nate, or Bisping? He couldn't even beat McDonald or Maia. If you think he will do fine, I respect your opinion but I don't think so. Only time will tell.

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