WEC 35 Results, Three Title Fights On The Line

WEC35 condit stann varner

WEC 35: Stann vs. Cantwell is set to take place this Sunday Aug 3. from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. The show gets underway at 9pm EST live on Versus.

CageToday.com will have WEC 35 Results live starting at 7pm EST.




  1. Watching Condit and Miura was one of the best fights that I have seen all year. If anyone missed that one, watch it this week.

  2. hahahaha brain lost think god… i want to see the condit fight

  3. jamie looked great and so did brock..

    Micah Miller was stopped to early

  4. Budnik got freaking lucky with that triangle. another case of getting your ass whooped for 3 rounds and pulling something out of your ass!

  5. those where some great fights, the condit fight should be a fight of the year runner up and muira looked awsome in that fight.

  6. If the WEC keeps putting on these entertaining fights, I wonder when we're going to have to start paying for them?

  7. The WEC is going to be mostly light weight divisions so unless they can put on a show like DREAM they won't charge.

    Micah Miller was out from the 2nd blow on the ground. I was pissed at the ref but its all in the replay. Ref got it right.

    I agree with you guys, the Condit fight was one of the best this year.

  8. i enjoyed the whole wec show. The fights were very entertaining. you guys are right, that condit fight was a killer fight.

  9. hitemagain says:

    Budnik…Props for someone finishing another wrestler that just wants to lay on people. Budnik tried to keep it standing the whole time and the wrestler just took him down and laid there. Glad to see a lay and pray fighter fall victim to a good submission!

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