WEC 34: Urijah Faber vs. Jens Pulver

urijah faber wec

During Wednesday’s WEC 33 event, World Extreme Cagefighting announced that WEC featherweight champion Urijah Faber will take on former UFC lightweight champion Jens Pulver at WEC 34 on June 1 from the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, California.

Faber (20-1) considered the top featherweight in the world, defeated Jeff Curran at WEC 31 making his WEC record a perfect 5-0.

Fabers only professional loss was to UFC lightweight contender Tyson Griffin back in 2005.

Pulver a true veteran off MMA recently dropped down to featherweight after losing to UFC lightweight champion BJ Penn at the Ultimate fighter 5 finale.

Pulver finished Cub Swanson in his WEC debut by Guillotine Choke in only 35 seconds.

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  1. oo hell yeah i hope jens can pull it off

  2. You kidden me, Faber will give Jens the atomic butt drop, before pulverizing him.

  3. i would love to see jens win but i don't think it will happen.

  4. If Faber is so tight, lets see him go to the UFC and fight BJ Penn.

  5. Faber is good but is he even near Penn's level yet I don't think so. Faber got great grounds skills and is working on his standup. Jens Pulver has great standup and is working on his ground game. It seems like a pretty even fight.

    The Prodigy BJ Penn has great standup and crazy submission moves. Add insane flexiable (double jointed) and hes a nightmare for anyone he fights.

  6. Penn and Faber aren't even in the same weight class but I would take Penn in that fight. Other than that, Faber is a great athlete and fighter and will dominate most fighters anywhere near his weight class.

  7. faber-pulver is going to look a lot like penn-pulver, but only quicker.

  8. i think pulver can do this. if faber stands with him hes gonna get knocked out. id say faber has the edge on the ground for sure but pulver aint a bitch. i says jens ko/tko

  9. i dont think Jens is in the same class as Faber…i think faber will out work jens unless he gets lucky …and catches faber i think thats what hes after a lucky strike…after the bj fight i think he decided to leave cause he knew he wasnt going anywhere in the ufc but on the canvas… again!!! jens is a punk

  10. Lucky strike…..Cause knockouts are only lucky right.

    You must be blind so I guess you couldn't tell anyhow. Watch any knockout there is no luck in MMA sorry to burst your bubble. If someone wants to punch you in head and they do I fail to see the luck in that. This isn't the schoolyard or the lottery.

  11. They're both great fighters no matter what. But all faber needs to do is just take it to the ground with pulver and its over. Even standup faber has insane fists and mean elbows. So im going to have to go with faber.

  12. Well, this will be a great fight, without a doubt. But, this is the first time I saw Urijah sort of nervous talking about an upcoming fight. Normally he seems real cocky and confident but this time around he seemed a bit more humble and respectful towards Jens. Not a whole lot of crap-talking going around, which isn't a bad thing really. Maybe it is all out of respect or he really worries if he can take this one or not. We'll see. I think Jens wants it more but I think Urijah wants to keep his belt even more. Gonna be interesting!

  13. i dont think that jens will be able to handle the brut strength that Urijah possesses

  14. Faber has loads of toughness and natural ability.

    Pulver is more experienced, tho Faber is better on

    the ground. To me they're both just brawlers. I don't

    think either is a great martial artist. It should be a

    good match. I'll pick Jens by decision.

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