WEC 31: Farber Vs. Curran Official Payouts

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The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) has released official fighter pay for WEC 31: Farber vs. Curren which took place on December 12.

WEC 31 Payouts

Jens Pulver: $60,000 (30k to fight, 30k to win)
Paulo Filho: $56,000 ( 38k to fight, 18k to win)
Urijah Faber: $40,000 (20k to fight, 20k to win)
John Alessio: $26,000 (13k to fight, 13k to win)
Chael Sonnen: $25,000 (25k to fight)
Charles Valencia: $12,000 (6k to fight, 6k to win)
Jeff Curran: $10,000 (10k to fight)
Doug Marshall: $10,000 (5k to fight, 5k to win) 9th fight in WEC
Bryan Baker: $8,000 (4k to fight, 4k to win)
Alex Karalexis: $8,000 (8k to fight)
Ed Ratcliff: $8,000 (4k to fight, 4k to win)
Brian Bowles: $6,000 (3k to fight, 3k to win)
Cub Swanson: $5,000 (5k to fight)
Marcos Galvao: $5,000 (5k to fight)
Eric Schambari: $5,000 (5k to fight)
Ariel Gandulla: $4,000 (5k to fight)
Todd Moore: $4,000 (4k to fight)
Ian McCall: $3,000 (3k to fight)

Total Payout: $295,000

And the award for “Fighter In Need Of A Better Agent” go’s to Doug Marshall (5k a fight). Aside from holding the WEC Light Heavyweight Belt, this was also Doug Marshall’s 9th fight in the WEC.


  1. Doug Marshall got screwed big time.

  2. Curran got screwed too. He's a verteran fighter who was fighting in the main event against the champ. He walks with 10 grand. I guess the convinced him that getting the title shot was worth the low payday.

  3. yea they both did..

  4. The guys who get paid less are Idiots for not asking for more I dont see how that little Idiot pulver got paid more than all the other dudes just cuz he came from the UFC big friggen deal he didnt impress me in his debut, if he fights Faber he will be destroyed on the ground and on the feet

  5. Yeah, doesn't make sense sometimes. If I were these guys I would get an agent to make sure I'm taken care of because the UFC and WEC will lowball as much as possible.

  6. dane drebin says:

    jens didnt impress u in his debut? he beat his guy in 35 seconds. he's the former ufc lightweight champion of the world and has faught the top names in that division in america and japan. him just being in the wec is helping the wec. he deserves everything he gets. didnt impress you ahahah thats some funny shit. i thought that choke was way impressive seeing as hes not a submition guy and he locked that shit in like a pitbull and wouldnt let go. in 35 seconds he doesnt have to impress you bro nor do i think he cares. he looked way dominant and while i dont know if he can beat faber i think it will be a great fight

  7. Jens impressed me in that fight for the first time in a while. I thought he held his own for a while against BJ by getting out of bad situations. But in this fight he showed quick reflexes, great wrestling, and a good submission finish. I can't wait for Jens vs. Faber.

  8. i do hope jens knocks out faber

  9. hmmm? faber vs pulver faber mauls pulver …… i mean destroys him …… cant wait to see that one

  10. dane drebin says:

    most likely but id love it if pulver had the upset of the year

  11. i dont think faber is going to man hand pulver.. pulver is strong and big and has fight alot of harder and bigger ppl then faber..

  12. i would also love to see pulver knock out faber but i don't think its going to happen. i hope its a great fight though i could see faber walking through him.

  13. Pulver is better than Curran so it will be a better fight than this one. Its a good chance for both guys to skyrocket their career. I'm going to root for Jens but I think Faber is too talented to lose.

  14. Paulo Filho should not be ranked number 2 as MMW.. he should be 5th not 2

  15. faber is suprisingly pretty talented. he could probably take on pulver, who i feel has always been overrated.

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