We Rich Bitch, Forbes Magazine Features The Fertitta Brothers

UFC Owner Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta
and Dana White, to be featured on the cover of Forbes magazine.

Casino moguls Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta bought a violent fight club called Ultimate Fighting Championship–and built it into a billion-dollar sports empire.

It’s the Ultimate Money Machine. That night before the Super Bowl 10,700 fans packed the arena, paying an average of $340 for a ticket to witness nine mixed martial arts fights. Another 500,000 fans paid $45 ($55 for high definition) to watch five of the nine fights at home. The total haul from the event: $25 million.


  1. i was reading the numbers on where the ufc was in 2001 and where they are now…its insane. i've got to hand it to dana and the fertittas…they know how to do business.

  2. you have to admit that these brothers + dana are all rich as hell. i bet dana is worth at least $100 million.

  3. I just found this:

    Price the Fertittas paid for UFC in 2001: $2 million

    Value today: $1 billion-plus

    UFC estimated 2008 sales: $250 million

    UFC is estimated to control 90% of the mixed martial arts industry.

    UFC pay-per-view buys in 2001: 145,000

    UFC pay-per-view buys in 2007: 5.1 million

    The average UFC pay-per-view event draws 3 million male viewers between 18 and 49–often the same as a big college football GAME.

    UFC employs 275 fighters.

    Most make more than $100,000 a year.

    Superstars make millions.

    The average ticket price of a live UFC event in 2007: $250

  4. wow. how rich are those guys???

  5. I guess if they are making so much money, perhaps their fighters should get paid a bit more.

  6. these guys are the top in their division though that are gettin paid that except for brock lesnar…he got paid more than frank mir for gettin beat

  7. i wouldn't have guessed that most of the UFC fighters were making over 6 figures. i wonder how much of that money actually comes from the UFC?

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