War Machine Setting The Record Strait On Video

War Machine finally sets the record strait on video with Mr. Sunshine Steve Cofield on ESPN radio. War Machines classic quote “Theirs laws protecting the week.”


  1. they got a point..He is a pro fighter and he cant be fighting Stupid drunk fucks..Come on war i am a big Fan and really want to see you fight in the UFC again…

  2. this guy is a stupid drunk fight, why not fight other stupid drunk fucks. Please stop posting stuff about this retard.

  3. I'm mean he really is a douche. I've met him a couple times before and he's been OK. But after this interview, clearly they guy has some serious problems.

  4. he needs some help, a pr lesson or something because he is a idiot and should learn there is a time when you just say sorry and keep your mouth shut. he has cost himself alot of money due to his mouth.

  5. The guy has anger issues. I hate fighters that have to prove their tough. They never fight other fighters they look to pick fights with someone who doesn't know MMA.

    I knew one fighter who would wear a pink polo shirt when he went out just to pick fights with people who would call him out on it. Its dumb.

  6. what a moron. hes the reason you can't go out to have a good time without someone trying to mess with you.

  7. picking on the weak is weak War Machine go pick on guys who tough as you or bigger than you. quit actin like you badass you're human like everyone else you aint special like a holy man with superpowers. everything doesn't revolve around you like you a center of the whole universe y'know.

  8. I agreee but we live in a country where we have freedom of speech and you can say what you want.

  9. you can say what you want just don't bitch about the repercussions.

  10. Enough about this punk. He is clearly just out for attention. Get a life and get lost.

  11. And I thought I was FUCKED UP!

  12. I think Nate is right, he got booted from the UFC, so now he is doing what he can to be in any spotlight, even if that means surrounding himself with controversy

  13. i f***in' love this guy cause he's such a train wreck. amuses the hell out of me and reminds me why it's better to walk a straight line. keep it up War Machine!

  14. Typical ego maniacle athlete. He uses the excuse that we normal people can't possibly understand the pressure that pro athletes like him experience. If he fails at fighting than "that is it? Show's over"? Well that is called real life – and if you can't deal with real life you will be a statistic like the others. It's irrelevant whether you are an athlete or a CEO. Failure is a part of life and it happpens to everyone so you just have to learn to deal with it, train wreck. This guy needs more meds.

  15. I agree with all of you guys on War Machine, and to think, this guy got a shot because one guy got injured during the first or second show of TUF. If that guy didn't get injured, maybe we wouldn't even know this guy…or would we?

  16. fuckyourself@aol.com says:

    Does no one else notice that the people that run this site can't spell weak correctly. How sad is this world when that is over looked.

  17. dude, is that the only grammatical mistake you saw?

    "War Machine finally sets the record strait on video with Mr. Sunshine Steve Cofield on ESPN radio. War Machines classic quote 'Theirs laws protecting the week.'”

    Strait? War Machines classic quote? Theirs?

    Really though, I don't think anyone cares, just as long as they get the story.

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