War Machine Interview at UFC 95 Hawaiian Tropic After Party

TG ‘Roy’


  1. Damn, this guy is a wreck..! Anyone who openly speaks of suicide as an option at the end of a career needs to work on thier issues. Even after a year of taking his "med's" he still feels this way? Wow! He need's to seek some professional help immediatly. In the meantime, he needs to keep his mouth shut and stay as far away from microphones and MySpace as possible.

    Get some help War Machine!

  2. He's going to keep getting on interview and keep writing on myspace. Its the only way hes going to get his name out there because hes not fighting. I don't like WM but at least he admits hes being contriversial to get his name out.

  3. he likes the fucking chichs ha..

  4. F#ck WM. I didn't even bother to watch the whole clip cuz WM's annoying and always talkin some stupid sh#t that doesn't make sense. Stop blamimg the public and the people for hatin on you, you are the one who brought trouble to us since you wrote the controversy of Evan Tanner's death which sparked an outrage to mma fans. "I'm not afraid of gays and suicide", LMAOL what the f#ck you talkin about, what does this has to do with your career and MMA? Keep your personal bullsh#t problem up your ass cuz nobody don't wanna hear or don't give a f#ck of your personal bullsh#t. get the f#ck outta here.

  5. Cobra Clutch says:

    I'm sorry, but working at bottle service in a gay bar? Topless? Talking about chicks chicks chicks…Dude…like…DUDE…it's OK…seriously…just admit it.

    Gay. Not gay like "lame." But gay, like "Gay." Gay like homosexual. Gay like…

    …well, let's just say "Rear Naked Choke" means something COMPLETELY different in his apartment.

  6. rear naked choke = reach around

  7. Maybe he will actually kill himself and do us all a favor

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