Video: I Am Urijah Faber


  1. dang faber dont even have a scrach on him

  2. Yeah but he did get tagged with a few good puches. All in all he dominated the fight.

  3. Urijah is the man, he dominated Jens in the stand up and Pulver is known for his explosive stand up. Fabers got good defense, great ground and standing skills, and a good defense…hes the complete package

  4. BJ beat Jens like nothing and finished. I think BJ would whoop Faber because he doesnt finish.

  5. I'd like to see Faber move up to 155 and fight in the UFC – some good matches there like; a rematch with Tyson Griffin, maybe even – Ken Flo, Huerta, Sherk,

  6. Faber doesn't finish? I've seen thirteen of his twenty-two fights, and the Pulver fight is the only decision I saw. The dude is amazing to watch. As for him moving to 155, I would love to see it, but he's so good at 145, I don't know which would be more exiting.

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