Video: War Machine vs Guillaume Delorenzi

War Machine was a last minute replacement for Phil Baroni at XMMA 7 “Inferno”, taking on undefeated Guillaume Delorenzi in the main event.


  1. how about that ?? you go War Machine that was good

  2. It's about time this guy was on a website for something to do with MMA. Although he put on a good performance against an undefeated fighter, it's really hard for me to respect him because of all the other shit.

    The problem is, Jon wold be more satisfied if people only knew him for been a dick rather than a quality MMA fighter.

    A few more decent performances like this and some people may actually be able to bare this idiot.

  3. good win..I hope to see war In Back in the UFC but i bet he will be fighting for Affliction or Strike forces next

  4. Jose Alod vs Garcie will be crazy on the feet but for whatever one says is that Jose alod is better of his back so i think he would win .

  5. Cobra Clutch says:

    I think there's a little splooge on Guillaume's back after that fight…WM got a little too excited mounting a man…he thought he was back at work.

  6. I have to admit he's a dumbass but he's got some skill. I especially like his official signature move after a win….the tard stomp.

  7. i think he's medioca stick him against kos, fitch or another great wrestler who can bang i think he would get dominated, due to the fact they would not just hand him there back like that it was poor defence if he was under a top contender like any of those 2 i mentioned i think it would be a quick finish and at 170 someone like alves or st pierre would destroy him, i dont like the fact b-cos he's been in the media eye so long people think he is a great mma fighter b-cos he aint he's ok but thats it and the guys a fuking dick even someone like sanchez weighing 155 would tear him a new 1 without putting on weight

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