Video: Wanderlei Silva On The Road To UFC 79


  1. i hope randy does go back to the ufc i believe he will and Silva's english has gotten way better. He wants to fuck i mean fight chuck.LOL. But I hope he smashes Chuck.

  2. Ha….I want to see Randy fight again too. I've been reading talk about the whole Randy UFC issue being a farce to drum up publicity. That sounds too much like professional wrestling to me. I hope that's not true, and I don't think it is.

    I think Wanderlei is going to win that fight. Especially if Chuck isn't prepared.

    LOL…"I want to fuck I mean fight." I was laughing about that moment for the rest of the night.

  3. His english is way better and he is "spahing great opponents" at Team Couture. I like both Wandi and Chuck and I'm still see Chuck using his back away/counter style to beat Wandi, just like Cro Cop did in their last fight.

    I really hope Couture takes the deal to fight Noguiera, its an easier fight than Fedor. Since he is sitting down and talking with Dana, I think its all going to work out setting this fight up sometime down the line.

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