Video: UFC 74 Preview


  1. Can't wait for this fight.

  2. yeah me either and i am leaning with Gonzaga because I think he is just a lo bigger and stronger. I kno he beat tim and Sylvia is huge but he is also clumsy big so that is why I think Gonzaga will win. With his superior striking and is a very good ground fighter. But I cant count Randy out like I did when he fought Sylvia. It doesnt matter anyways because I think Fedor will be coming to the UFC soon enough and he is a lot better than Cro Cop and Nogeuira. So we will see and also has a trailer of the new UFC game it is gonna b off the hook I hope it comes on Xbox 360 cause that would be the shit.

  3. Wow! What a war this is gonna be. I'm betting on Couture, but I'm really torn on this one.


  4. Fedor is going to annihilate the heavy weight division

  5. When does Fedor fight again? Anyone know????

  6. Realwun says:

    Fedor is doing what all superstar sports players do. He's holding out on signing a contract until he gets exactly what he wants. I bet we will know where he is going within the next month.

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