Video: Tito Ortiz Will Not Return To The UFC

Tito Ortiz states their is “Zero Percent” chance of returning to the UFC as long as Dana White is with the company.


  1. It seems to me that Tito wants the fight with Rashad because he feels its an easier fight and a win give him leverage to renegotiate his contract.

  2. I agree that Machida is a much tougher fight for Tito. I think he and the UFC both know there would be no chance of contract negotiations between the two, regardless of who he is fighting. Tito Ortiz relizes that he is a very marketable mma figure and that he can be successfull elswhere.

    I would love to see Tito Ortiz go to Elite XC and fight Kimbo Slice! Just think of the publicity that fight would get!

  3. Tito Beat Rashad in their first fight, but Dana White wanted to give Tito a going away present in form of a Machida.

    Machida is definitely the favorite and will likely make the fight boring, giving Tito no leverage as he leaves the UFC.

  4. Cage, I think Lyoto is definitly gonna take this fight, boring or not. He will once again utilize his elusive talent and make sure Tito can not take him down and use his one dimensional fighting style to win, while Lyoto uses his Karate style to pick away at Ortiz…I say Machida wins with a split desicion

  5. Machida would tear Tito a new one, that's why Tito is bitching non-stop.

  6. tito …. ha ha what a joke…. rasheed kicked his ass tito sucked really bad that night he didnt want to win or he gave up not sur which

  7. i am no tito fan and i am sure lyoto is a better fighter but i still don't like how dana is treating him and other fighters so for the first time i will be pulling for tito in this one.

  8. lyoto looked better in his last fight and for the first time i wanted to see him fight again. i think machida will win this fight because tito is more concerned with bitching and romancing his woman than he will be looking to do what it takes to train and win. he didn't look good against rashad and he swore he was going to dominate that fight.

  9. Good riddance. UFC has plenty of stars and stars in the making, Sure tito is a big draw but there is alot of younger fighters already very popular with mainstream fans. I dont think tito will be missed as much as he thinks he will.

  10. i have to agree with dana on this one. when tito left the ufc back in the day, his then wife called dana to beg him to take tito back. they signed a 3 fight contract. if tito wanted more money, he should have negotiated that back then, and not have brought it up now when the deal is already done. and tito shouldn't pick and choose who he wants to fight. he had his chance at the belt against liddell and lost. and then fought a draw to rashad. if anything, tito should be impressive with fighting llyoto, since that guy is impossible to beat… and then renegotiate for more money. people don't fight in the ufc for money; they fight in it for the title and chance to be a champion in the ufc. being ufc light heavy weight champ means a lot more than being elitexc light heavy champ.

  11. For Dana White being president of UFC he sure acts like a like a 3rd grader not the way a president should act.

  12. Well said!

  13. I don't like Dana much either, but Cage has a point. If Machida were to beat Tito, (which he would in my opinion) and if the fight is boring (which it very well could be) then Tito has less room to renegotiate his contract for more money or a new contract for a different organization. Dana a third grader? yeah maybe, but a calculated third grader.

    I wont miss Ortiz that much.

  14. Yean Dana can sound a little harsh. He reminds me of Ari Gold from Entourage or any agent who has bigtime clients. Dana's got history with Tito so he sounds alot more rougher to me. In fairness Tito called Dana a puppet just from that interview so who knows what else they have said.

    Ortiz is boring lately I won't miss him in the cage much either sorry to say. Machida and Tito will dance the rounds away and Machida will probly get the nod "yawn".

  15. Scooby Doo says:

    That is meesed up that the fighters aint getting paid what they should be making, For giving us FANS some good ass fights. It looks like it's going to suck in the UFC for a while (like in the nfl your fav team while they rebuild, till they get new superstars/ off-def). It's not just Tito,cage today also posted that injution letter about couture, Andre A. on the under card of ufc on 3-1-08.Gonzga,cro cop What's next???. Maybe thats why their going to make fight night 3hrs insted of 2hrs long. Trying to look for a new star??.

  16. Badluck says:

    FACT…………….Dana White called Tito the "first ever" star of the UFC…….oF course, he is worried about Tito leaving…Machida will be a handful for Tito, but if tito wins, Dana will offer the biggest contract to any MMA fighter in history to Tito…..

    THINK ABOUT THIS!…No other fighter sold as much clothing as Tito (Punishment Clothing) 4 million$ Last year… No other fighter offers to charity the way Tito does (ciudad magazine)…….I dont recall seeing any other MMA fighter rubbing elbows with Donald Trump on NBC network…..Tito has appeared in several movies and music videos……About to release a book, which you and I both know will outsell Chuck Liddells book "Iceman" 2 to 1…..Hooked up wih world famous porn star Jenna Jameson, which bugs many of you including Dana White…

    FACT IS…Dana White wants MMA to go main stream, UFC Organization to be exact..But the one guy who broke into main stream American media and television is Tito…..Dana knows this, and is pretty worried right know…Who would take Titos place, boring personality Chuck Liddell, very average skilled Rampage Jackson, a bunch of Tough Brazilian fighters who dont speak english like Machida and Silva…..From rumors, even Randy Couture cant even stomach Dana White anymore…Dana needs to start paying up or UFC will crumble, because he was to cheap to protect his fighters financially….

  17. I must admit… It would be a bad for the UFC if Tito left! However, he has to win the fight against Machida.

    That way he gets all his credibility back… he dodged Chuck, and was crap against Evans – so its all up to him

    I for one hope he kicks Machida's Ass and gets back to the old Tito… it'd be good to have him back in the mix!

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