Video: Tito Ortiz Interview With Maxim Online, Respects Kimbo

TG “Kom34″


  1. tito would kill bimbo also like the tshirt

  2. i agree, i think tito would love that fight, alot of hype and a easy win for him.

  3. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Him beating Kimbo wuoldn't show that Tito still a great fighter cause he can't win against others that he's faught recently.

  4. it would not prove anything for tito, but he would still love a overhyped fight that has him coming out on top, and to the people that don't know alot about mma all they would see is him beating a big guy.

  5. I don't see Tito beating Kimbo easily. Tito hasn't showed much of a change form his game except for the submission try on Machida. I think if Kimbo works on his wrestling he would have a good chance at beating Tito.

  6. I think that kimbo would kill tito. Tito would be too scared to get close to kimbo and would try a bunch of sloppy and shitty ass set up shots that a ten year old girl could sprawl out of. Tito is washed up and basically is scared to get hit. He dont fight anymore he just talk shit to hype his fans and fight up. He is very overrated but I think a lot of people are realizing if they havernt already that he is a one dimesional chicken shit. I was a big fan of tito back when he backed up all the trash h e spit out of his mouth but those days are over. Kimbo is a brawler and a horrible match up in size and strength not to mention kimbo is a great stand up fighter who i think could easily stop tito with one shjot and stop tito in the first round.

  7. I say Tito wins by STD stoppage.

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