Video: The Death of Affliction MMA

A look back at the rise and fall of the short lived fight promotion Affliction MMA.


  1. thechemiist says:

    That really sucks the third show was cancelled.

  2. If i were Affliction, I'd find a way to kill Josh Barnett HAHAHA

  3. i want to see AA come back to the UFC..Happy to see ben Rothwell with the UFC and also I ould like to see Kongo vs Ben ha they would bang..

    Fador better go to the Ufc,

  4. does anone else want to see chris Horadeck see fight in the WEC?? i would match rather see him fight there unstead of the UFC

  5. Report: After failed drug test, Josh Barnett's next step a professional wrestling bout

    Always have been saying this josh is a pussy roider and he was overrate the hole time..

  6. Chris Holodecki deserves to be in the UFC and he is after all only 22.

  7. I got this from another forum by Budo

    Jornal do Brasil reports that Vitor Belfort has been added to the September 12th Bitetti Combat event in Rio de Janeiro, in a bout against French journeyman Moise Rimbon. Paulo Filho was originally set to face Alex Schoenauer, but is now listed as fighting "Edwin Dweeze."

    According to Tatame, a public event is scheduled for August 3rd where the fighters will be present and the governor of Rio will announce the complete card.

    This is going to be an incredible show if all – or even most – of the scheduled fights actually happen: Bitetti Combat September 12, 2009 Maracanãzinho Gymnasium Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Main Card:

    Vitor Belfort (18-8) vs. Moise Rimbon (14-8-3)

    Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (17-3) vs. Alex Stiebling (18-10-1)

    Ricardo Arona (13-5) vs. Marvin Eastman (16-9-1)

    Paulo Filho (16-1) vs. Edwin Dewees (35-13)

    Pedro Rizzo (16-9) vs. Jeff Monson (31-8)


    Luciano Azevedo (15-7) vs. Milton Vieira (9-6-1)

    Henrique "Chocolate" Nogueira (6-4-1) vs. Eduardo Pamplona (12-2)

    Cassiano Tytschyo (13-6) vs. Leandro "Batata" Silva (13-5)

    Leonardo "Chocolate" Nascimento (7-5-1) vs. Glover Teixeira (6-2)

    Luciano Corea "Yzzy" (1-1) vs. Alexandre "Pulga" Pimental (7-0)

    Vitor Miranda (4-1) vs. Fabio Maldonado (9-2)

    Card looks like a Brazil vs the World card. I hope that it dosen't happen. (I really want to see Vitor vs Henderson II @103) If it dose I got everyone in bold.

  8. I'd most like to see Fedor in the UFC to put a beat down on Lesnar….that and then the UFC would have the BEST heavyweight fighter on the planet.

  9. Is Fedor Emelianenko Ducking UFC Competition?I thnk so

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