Video: Takanori Gomi vs Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett

PRIDE lightweight Takanori Gomi takes on Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett at Pride Bushido 5.

Bennett was bragging on BET’s Iron Ring show, saying that he doesnt even go into the gym and train for his fights.

I believe him, he sucks. The guy has ridiculuos natural talent, but just can’t stay out of jail long enough to get a ground game. Imagine the value a well trained, showman like KH could be for any promotion.

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  1. O joy I get to watch Crazy Horse get submitted again…..

    I have to agree with "The guy has ridiculuos natural talent, but just can’t stay out of jail long enough to get a ground game".

    Hell he probly doesn't even need the full ground game just some submission defense and he would be great for a while.

  2. he's ghetto!

  3. i can tell you another problem is that he probably gets drunk too much because he doesn't take his training seriously. i was watching a KOTC event about 3 years ago and he was there drunk and distracting everyone from watching the fights. it got to be really annoying with him stumbling around the cage. then he got in to do his back flip from the top of the cage and i thought he was going to break his neck.

  4. he is reallly crazy ha watch him fight jeff curren its funny

  5. He is still exciting to watch even though he loses half of his fights. He is high energy and likes to slam, almost like a mini Rampage. A really good fight to watch is Krazy Horse vs. Duane Ludwig.

  6. He found a way to make his money by being entertaining. If he didn't do that he wouldn't be a known name with that kind of a record.

  7. richaaron says:

    He looked pretty impressive against KJ Noons…

  8. He is really energetic and talented. Think about Guida, his record in the UFC is not impressive but he tests his opponents to the limit and was really close to winning a few of those fights. Krazy Horse will be like that, exciting and challenging, but without heavy training he will drop the fights that count.

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