Video Shinya Aoki vs. Gesias “JZ” Calvancante

Shinya Aoki defeats Gesias “JZ” Calvancante


  1. Great fight!

    JZ looked a little off this time around. I guess it could have been Aoki 7min bodylock. Doesn't look like he has much stand-up but who needs it when you can do flying takedowns and just turtle off your back haha.

  2. after watching the first fight i thought jz would beat him again, but aoki won this fight no dout.

  3. JZ's stand up didn't look like it usually does. He didn't really look that interested in the fight until Aoki was threatening him with a rear choke. I really thought it wold be JZ's fight to win but Aoki executed a great gameplan to take it to the ground. Good defense by JZ on the ground too.

  4. yeah, JZ clearly has some high tolerance for those submissions. he rolled out of that armbar submission and a triangle, among other attempts, by aoki many times. i don't see what the hype is with JZ; i know he is good, but aoki clearly won this fight. very smart for aoki to take this fight to the ground. and very colorful pants too.

  5. derek watch the first fight. JZ dominated that fight and aoki looked like he gave up on it. this was a 180 and aoki controlled where the fight ended up for most of the time. but JZ is a great fighter and i think he's a top 10 in the world for sure.

  6. yeah in the first fight it did not even look close jz was going right through him

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