Video: Randy Couture PSA, Knocking Out Meth

UFC heavyweight champion Randy “The Natural” Couture does a Public Service Announcement to combat Crystal Meth.

You “Tweekers” need to hear this…


  1. I respect the man for who he is entirely…a class act and man who wants to better this country…and rid the world of stupid people and drugs.

  2. couldn't agree more. If the world had more Randy Coutures it would be a better place

  3. This is racist!!! always using a black man to play the criminal. Wait till Obama see's this!!!!!

    just messin!!!!

    Randy is a cool dude who has done it right from the beginning.

  4. haha…did you see that the bad guy paid for the stuff with the entire wallet?

  5. i like randy but shit he can't even act on a psa and he is playing himself, i hope he gives up his acting career.

  6. "What does it cost for some meth, man?"

    "$20….plus a wallet."

    Good call Naco, that is funny. It's a great message though. It really is shocking how many people Meth effects, even to people that don't do it.

  7. dane drebin says:

    damn i was smokin meth when i watched this but i stopped… thanks randy… THAT GUY IS MY HERO!!!!

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