Video: Rampage Is Smarter Then Forrest?

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson discusses his strategy for the up and coming season of The Ultimate Fighter reality show on SpikeTV.


  1. Always funny. Everytime I see Ramp now he is talking about his sponsors or holding his energy drink in his hand. He must be getting paid pretty good from his sponsors.

  2. rampage is a fucking idiot…but he sure as shit knows how to fight

  3. yeah.. i think forrest is smarter but he must not be to smart to fight rampage..

  4. dredlokrasta says:

    Forrest can brawl!! So can Rampage. I love MMA.

  5. Rampage has an immensely better ground game and has strong punches although not as good mechanics/ technique (straight punches). i think rampage, no matter how mcuh i dont want to see it, will win hands down.

  6. i thin it will be a good season for tuf but i hate the fact that it will ty up the belt till the end of the year witch means at best rampage fights twice in 08 if not just once.

  7. i think dana white is really into marketing young fighters of the UFC and hoping that he can produce as many stars as the first seasn…but in my opinion the last 2 season, the talent just hasnt been even close to the first couple seasons

  8. i have not been impressed by alot of the fighter on tuff but thats what the ufc keeps putting on there cards, they think cause they where on the show people want to see them regardless of ther abilities they lose on the show than there still in the ufc. i think they pick them up for cheap and dana uses them as fillers for cards with one or two good fights and pass it for a ppv.

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