Video: One-On-One With Randy Couture

MMA Fight Weekly: One-On-One With Randy Couture.


  1. I’m a little annoyed with these 2nd rate organizations tryin to compete with the UFC simply because you’ll have these champs who say they’re the best at their weight. It’s not a good thing to see the best fighters not being able to fight cause they’re in different organizations. UFC, Elite EX, IFL, WEC, KOTC, IFC, Cage Fury, Art of War… blah blah. This is getting to be more stupid then how HW boxing was an still is with all of their different championships under the same weight class. To me, it wouldn’t be a big deal if they just classified these as “minor league organizations” cause there are so many MMA fighters rising up but you get these guys who act like they’re the true 185 lb champ when Anderson Silva would kill them! I know I’m ranting but it’s getting annoying how many new organizations are coming out of nowhere and there’s gonna be more.

  2. There needs to be a year long bracketed tournement w/ no contracts but prize money for finishing in certain brackets. Would have to determine how the fighters qualify for entry though.

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