Video: One-On-One With Diego “The Nightmare” Sanchez

The Fight Network goes one on one with UFC lightweight Diego “The Nightmare” Sanchez. The nightmare talks about getting started in mixed martial arts, Charles “The Mack” Lewis and more…


  1. This interview wasn't bad.

    Diego wasn't his usual verbose egotistical self.

  2. sweet hat…..

  3. yeah this interview was pretty good…

  4. I think Anderson Silva mad the fight go all 5 to make sure they dont throw MAIA in his next fight because anderson knows thats the only person that can beat him and he wants his belt

  5. Nice hat Justin Timberlake.

    Tom, are you alright? You seem a little senile lately.

  6. what ha?

  7. dane drebin says:

    ya tom why are u talkin about anderson silva in the diego thread?

  8. this just in diego sanchez is bringing sexy back….. to massachusetts, vermont, and now regretably iowa asap.

  9. dane drebin says:

    he must be kickin it with roger huerta lol

  10. This is the most coherent interview I think I've ever seen with Diego. That hat must give him some special communication powers.

  11. all of you fags fags fags

  12. Well, I guess we should all go cry ourselves to sleep tonight guys, some douche repeatedly called us fags… :/

  13. ha

  14. patrick bateman says:


  15. i guess we are all a bunch of faggy ma fans, ah shucks i have always liked chicks but now that jack thinks i am a fag i better switch to dudes…… how insightful, did you mean to type it twice or did all the inbreeding in your family make you stutter when you type as well.

  16. patrick bateman says:

    truth hurts hey steveo you want to get a dirty sanchez from diego

  17. Just another MMA dud says:

    You know, I wasn't going to post on this thread but as it turns out, I want to be a fag too. So, thank you for your insight and firm command over succinct rhetoric.

  18. Rich Franklin to train with Anderson Silva during UFC 99 prep for "Wandy"

  19. hey sweet bateman has two posts in the history of this site and they are both fucking retarded. you cant even be funny when you do it, so sad

  20. your fucked steveo

  21. dirty sanchez ahahahahhahahahaha i get it

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