Video: Lightning Lee Murray Featured on ESPN E:60

ESPN featured “Lightning” Lee Murray on ESPN E:60. Former UFC Fighter Lee Murray is currently held in Maraco, waiting for a judges decision on extradition to England to face robbery and kidnapping charges. Murray is accused of pulling off the BIGGEST cash robbery in history.

ESPN E:60 Featuring Lee Murray Part 1

ESPN E:60 Featuring Lee Murray Part 2


  1. i wonder if there is any truth behind what they said about him beating up tito

  2. i didn't know much about lee murray before but this is a crazy story. i heard about him knocking tito out in the alley before. someone put that in their book, maybe chuck. but i think the only one arguing that story is tito because he got ktfo.

  3. He was a great Fighter – The full story of the Tito incident is in Matt Hughes book – Basically he kicked the shit out of Tito in an Alley in front of Chuck, Hughes, Militch and various London gangsters after they were all in a night club…

    Check out his fight with Anderson Silva at Cage Rage – pretty close – Murry had excellent stand up!

  4. Clearly the poor UFC fighter payouts drove him to crime!!!

  5. Its a shame, its always the guys with the most talent who waist it.

  6. mma analyst says:

    "Clearly the poor UFC fighter payouts drove him to crime!!!"

    aaaahaha how true is that! lol

  7. mma analyst says:

    Imagine what the ufc fighters were getting paid back then? Id do it to! lol kidding! kidding!

  8. I think he wanted to be like the guys in this favorite movies. Like they said he liked the attention he got for the heist. He was already making a living fighting it wasn't that long ago.

  9. Any ideas where the final part(s) of this documentary are available???

  10. Look up Lee Murray on Wikipedia. You can find the story of him KO'n Tito there.

  11. BJJ-Brown Belt Rabbi says:

    Yeah. Pat Miletich was there and told the story of it going down, it began as a joke, Tito's buddy was playing around and it got out of hand Tito tried to take down one of Lee's friends and Lee let his hands go, connecting on nearly 6 punches in a row, knocking Tito out cold. Miletich said it was one of the greatest knockouts he's ever seen, he said Lee's hands were as quick as 'Lightning' . . .

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