Video: Is Kit Cope The Best Striker in MMA?

MTV Reality star Kit Cope has some interesting things to say about his possible return to MMA, including claiming he has the best stand up in the game.


  1. He better be able to back all that up.

  2. Hardy har har. Let me guess Tito doesn't have a big head either .

  3. Mirko is still the best striker.

  4. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Anderson Silva is probably the best striker in MMA.

    Also, Kit has lost alot of muscle. He's such a tool if he thinks he's the best striker in MMA. How come he isn't in the UFC?

  5. kit sucks…

  6. Kit got owned by Florian. So much for the best striker.

  7. Businessman says:

    Kit…stick to yout reality show!!!

  8. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    I hope he was joking in this interview for his sake.

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