Video: Kimbo Slice vs. Ray Mercer

Kimbo vs Ray Mercer
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  1. Still looking for the rest of the fights on the card.

  2. Gotta admit, Kimbo looked like he has improved a lot. But then again, Mercer looked like one of the most inexperienced MMA fighters I have ever seen.

    I hate spectacle fights because you know who is suppost to win. Sometimes its more like the WWE than a professional sport.

  3. I've been a Kimbo fan for a long time, noone is going to want a piece of him, he's an animal!

  4. 90 percent of heavyweight fights dont even go to the ground. He'll be good.

  5. Well Kimbo is bad and from what his trainer said he is a sponge soaking up everything you give him. The real test is UFC so if he gets there that is where the best MMA fighters in the world are at. SO we will SEE but if he can hang with that then the UFC bette watch out.

  6. markjimbo says:

    Any boxer that hasn't been trained at all on takedown & basic submission defense can be submitted in a matter of seconds – Mercer has never been in that spot before and had absolutely no idea what to do. Tho' Kimbo hasn't been training in MMA very long his trainers are some of the best and just a little can go a long way in these circumstances – we won't know if he's the real shit until he gets in there with someone that halfway knows what they're doin' – no disrespect to Mercer – he was once an amazing boxer – but this isn't boxing.

    We've seen what happened when Kimbo fought Sean Gannon – he's the only MMA guy that Kimbo has ever fought & Kimbo lost – and remember, that was a bareknuckle fight not a MMA fight – if it were, Kimbo would've been outta there in under a minute.

  7. I dont know if its the same guy (Gannon), but I saw one fight where Kimbo got guillotine choked in a fight. His entourage got in the way and said it was unfair to do that in a streetfight. They cheated for him even though he was getting choked out and he ended up winning the fight.

  8. I finally figured out who Kimbo reminds me of. Check out the Muppet "Animal"!

  9. No need to talk about this, he fought a boxer. He submitted a boxer. He needs to fight an MMA fighter to prove himself. If he had knocked Mercer out I would have been impressed. I still think this guy is a circus freak, he has some smart people around him that see he is marketable and are setting up show fights for him to win.

  10. Yo check out Kimbo's street fights on youtube. Listen to his pre fight comments regarding the Mercer fight. Not only is he a HUGE, funny mofo, he is intense, dedicated, and only weeks into his MMA training. Give him a year or so and he will be in the upper eschelons of the UFC. "Would you still sleep with a girl if you knew she had some shit?"

  11. Realwun says:

    UFC is about marketing so he could probably get a title shot right now if they thought it would make them money. The best fighters in the world, we probably don't even know about most of them.

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