Video: Kimbo Slice Media Day Workout

Kimbo Slice at an EliteXC – CBS media day workout in preparation for his Oct. 4 fight against legendary MMA fighter Ken Shamrock.


  1. Kimbo said that in his last fight the fans saw that he could go the distance. What??? What I saw was a gassed Kimbo that let his opponent sit on top of him. Then after the fight he falls to the floor like he has nothing left.

  2. did they let him beat up has beens at practice too?

  3. Ok, now he is starting to make himself look bad. I still think he could be a great fighter if he works hard enough, but all those submissions in the video looked set up and if they weren't, he needs a new trainer. I don't think his ground game has improved that much.

  4. I agree those subs seemes pretty slow. Good luck Kimbo in putting someone like Big Foot Silva in one of those subs.

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