Video: Kim Couture Talks MMA With “Mr. Sunshine” Steve Cofield


  1. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Damn, they're really grilling her. I haven't seen that fight but I saw the part where she 1st got clocked and I've her others say bad things about her in that fight.

  2. Patrick says:

    These guys are complete morons, complete freakin morons.

    Good god, it boggles the mind how dumb as hell those interviewers are.

  3. i couldn't even watch the whole video,them characters give men a bad rap! do they relize its 2008 and not 1908?

  4. She got roughed up pretty bad. After the fight she had a broken nose and jaw. Thats what I call a bad day.

  5. dude she broke he fucking jaw in the first 30sec and she fight hard for the other 14.30 min i dont care what ppl say but that is a real fighter and that takes some balls to do that

    she maybe looked gas becsause she broke her jaw and when you do that bloood keeps coming down into your fucking throw and its super hard to breath because of the blood and the pain is super bad and she went out and fight lke a badass

  6. patrickgamil says:

    this guy takes forever to say anything. and then he repeats the same thing again and again.

    b o r i n g.

    he should have just let kim couture talk – she was cool.

  7. Cut this poor girl some slack,she is just starting out.Thats pretty damm tough to shake of a broken jaw and still feep fighting.And then to sit there and listen to the two jackholes grilling her and respond nicely to every question.Thats a classy lady.

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