Video: Karo Parisyan Looking To Put On A Good Show At UFC 88

Judo master Karo Parisyan will take on fellow Judo practitioner Yoshiyuki Yoshida at UFC 88 this Saturday.


  1. Karo is an ASS! Speaking of himself in 3rd person is ridiculous! I used to like him but he thinks he's so great. He needs to enter the school of Randy Couture for some humble pie.

  2. i hope he gets his ass whooped again… like he did the last time

  3. comon toe,

    it wasnt that bad. I like Karo, hes always fun & entertaining to watch.

  4. I think he was a lot more humble in that interview than I've seen him in previous interviews where he trips over his huge ego. He is a talented fighter and I don't see that as a big ego but confidence. I like how he said that he wouldn't beat every guy in the division but he could still be dangerous, and I think it's true. It sounds like he finally got his shit together, hopefully it's true, I don't want to see him get dropped from the UFC, but I guess we'll see how he does come UFC 88.

  5. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Remember him on TUF5 when he got into it with Diaz. I thought he was such a douche on that show talkin about "do you know who I am" yeah, a guy who will never be champ! Even thought I think both the Diaz brothers are d-bags too Karo still was the tool there.

  6. Businessman says:

    Karo is pretty good but he is an asshole!!! As big of jerks as the Diaz brothers can be, this guy takes the prize. I wish Nate would have slapped the shit the out of him.

  7. Does anyone else think he keeps contradicting himself throughout this interview? Wish he'd stop saying bro every 10 seconds.

  8. Looks like Karo's out with a back injury anyways. maybe panic attack-related??

  9. Yeah I heard Karo is out. Anyone know if he is even fighting tomorrow???

  10. hmm? guess hes not competing now

  11. He wasn't at the weighins he's hurt. Karos not competing at all.

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