Video: Josh Barnett Talks Affliction Banned, Japan and Pedro Rizzo

banned barnett sobral megadeath

Former PRIDE and UFC fighter Josh Barnett (22-5) returns to the United States to face Pedro Rizzo at “Affliction Banned” on July 19th from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

Pedro Rizzo (16-7) handed Barnett his first defeat by knocking him out at UFC 30 in 2001.


  1. i would love it if it where fedor vs barnett, hopefully next time.

  2. rampage arrested, i hope this isn't true

  3. not looking good they have it on tmz as well

  4. Josh and Pedro hmmm??….two used to bes will be fun watching the old timers have at it

  5. josh and babula will win

  6. josh isnt a old timer.. josh is making a come back

  7. is that Dave Mustane of Megadeath?

  8. yeah josh is no old timer, he was the youngest ufc hw champ and is only 31 i think, i would not even call it a come back i don't think he faought in 07 by has already had 2 wins this year and is still highly ranked and in my eye #3 hw in the world.

  9. josh is 30 years old and in his prime.

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