Video: James Irvin “I’m gonna beat him in the clinch”

James Irvin takes on UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC Fight Night 14 on July 19.


  1. silva better watch out

  2. mmabully says:

    I agree, I think silva will win but maybe we get to see how good of a chin he has.

    Go Sandman

  3. wow, i think Irvin is in for a shock.. I could see him hitting Silva with a punch and knocking him out, but no way he beats him in the clinch.

  4. I like Irvin…somewhat. But, beat the Spider in the clinch? Come on, Silva walks around at about 215lb! I believe many will see what fabric Silva is cut from when he knocks out Irvin…Beware Chuck!

  5. Patrick says:

    I'm a fan of Irvin for this fight, if only because sometimes Silva agitates me… but really Irvin you are NOT going to be able to beat him in a clinch. Stay inside the kicks, don't clinch up and throw down sir, throw down.

  6. I saw Silva corner a LHW in the Primetime show. He looked bigger than that guy. I know Irvin is probably the man in his resort gym that I saw him training at. But Anderson is going to show him why he's the best in the world. I like this interview and I hope Irvin brings it like he says he will.

  7. hay guys is it me or does James Irvin look like a sexy man you want to fuck

  8. Come on, Carlos…don't talk like that. Let's keep it clean for the kids that read our comments. God loves you man.

  9. Businessman says:

    Silva is going to tear him up. Anyone can get a knockout if they connect but unless that happens, Irvin is going to lose. Silva is faster, quicker, and he is way better on the ground, should it go there. I predict Silva will win in the first round!

  10. Wow, this guy is going ot get murdered and I am going to love it.

  11. Rember that Anderson has the same hight like Irvin, 188 cm. So is not a small lwh thats i read in a lot av forums. He is faster then Irvin and have more felling for fighting and will tko him i first round.

  12. anyone who says he dont have a chance is fucking stupid and has no idea who james irvin is. This guy is a bruiser. Not like Leben or anyone that Anderson has fought really. James will throw bombs no matter what and if one of them lands then it could be a huge upset. Irvin has a lot of skill in the stand up game and has an impressive knock out reel to prove it. Yeah he hasnt realy fought anyone who is quite as good as Anderson but he does have the size and power advantage. And STEVEO who thinks Silva is gonna murderer him is not ME. I am steve not STEVEO so plz dont think that I dont no what im talking about by saying that he is gonna murder him. I think he said that about Forrest also LMAO.

  13. Stinky Sullivan says:

    Carlos you nasty little man. Tickle tickle

  14. not if i tickle u first

  15. Crazy Eddie says:

    I agree that tall chocolate man is going to spank the little hairy bottom of Irvin.

  16. jesse taylor will not win his fight because I think CB might be a little better with the hands and CB has more time to train and he trains with Jesse Forbes who has beaten Jesse but hey i hope he wins and gets the TUF belt

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