Video: Jake Shields Grapples and TUF 8′s Vinny Magalhaes

EliteXC welterweight champion (170lbs.) Jake Shields grapples TUF 8 cast member and 3 time world BJJ champion Vinicius “Vinny” Magalhaes. Shields wins….


  1. Jake controls this the whole time. In the same boring fashion that he fights.

  2. I dont know about jake shields, but 'vinny' is a lot smaller there than he is now…. I hope Bader wins though, seems like a nice guy. Not like cocky ol' vinny.

  3. Yeah vinny would actually be only 20 in this fight> alot has changed since then He would tool Jake Shields now.

  4. dane drebin says:

    jake isnt the most well liked but u have to give him credit he tooled him hard

  5. Yeah agreed dane I strongly dislike shields but I'm slowly coming around on him. This year I will probably only dislike him. But man he needs better standup his is just awful.

  6. Jake nice coment. Exactly like Bader in fight styles. Bad stand up and cant fight. He can wrestle. Laying on someone aint beating them up. I hate shields cocky attitude as much as I hate how he doesnt back it up. Sure he can win fights but if nobody wants to see u lay on someone to win u may as well not do it. Thats why the ufc hasnt signed him. HE is fucking boring. Why do u think there is no real wrestling job to go into after college? B/c nobody wants to watch 2 guys wrestle. I will never give shields props until he shows he deserves it. I mean come on he called GSP out. LMAO try wrestling and controlling him.

  7. i think shields backs it up every time. he may be like kenny florian where he doesn't look like a fighter but both of those guys are bad ass. shields takes it to grapplers and the best strikers too like semtex in his last fight.

  8. Yeah I actually agree with a lot that you said steve. I reall really don't like shields I think he would get embarrassed by the following: karo, fitch, alves, hazelett. However unfortunately he might beat a lot of others as he has beaten okami, and condit.

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