Video: Interview With UFC Ring Girls Arianny and Edith

Interview with UFC ring girls Arianny Celeste and Edith Labelle. The original plan was to have Arianny interview Edith, but ended up being all about Arianny…and her naked thong dancing.


  1. wtf! i was hoping edith would have this sexy ass voice to match that fine body, but she has english tainted by french!

  2. Bring back the blonde chick!

  3. Fatal Error says:

    Anyone else catch the face Arianny made when Edith said Dana White was a really nice guy? We know how Edith got the gig, let's just say she passed the "Oral Exam" with flying colors.

  4. I'm sure Edith passed every one of Dana's tests. I heard she was a call girl when he found her.

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