Video Interview: Chuck Liddell Wants Rematch With Jardine


  1. Hell yeah, I would love to see this rematch. Both guys have great chins and like to bang.

  2. sucks for Jardine, but I do think because he is Chuck Liddell, he will get that rematch. If Jardine wouldn't have lost against Houston, that would be a different story.

    Does anyone else want to shoot the interviewer? Take some broadcasting or journalism courses!!!!!

  3. ha ha yea the guy's got the IQ of a cotton ball…but if there is a rematch i think Lidell will lock up that vengeance win fir sure

  4. yeah just justbecuse he is huck he will mosty get it fr sure, bc white loves chuck and chuck will knock out jardine

  5. dredlokrasta says:

    Chuck has confidence coming off of his last win, but Keith has nothing to lose. And he beat Chuck once!!

  6. i think its bullshit, thats the easiest fight out there for chuck of course he wants it,if he wants to get his belt back fighter one of the many tougher guys at lhw would move him up the ladder faster and he can fight jardine later,plus why would jardine want to fight him right now he already beat him, wwhats dana going to tell jardine you have to beat chuck twice to move up the ladder.

  7. good point, but i still bet jardine takes the fight because chuck is still a household name and keith is thinking about beating a household name twice…its an enticing deal if i was jardine

  8. no guys, chuck will be fighting houston alexander. it makes sense. both are bangers strictly.

  9. houstan alexander proved himself to be a less than average mixed martial artist when he fought thiago silva and silva took him to the ground and passed his guard easier than ive ever seen in my life…i think that would be a horrible fight, i want to see chuck fight Mauricio (spelled completely wrong) Shogun Rua, depending on his next fight (if he wins or loses/ worthiness of oppenent) then i think a fight with whoever wins Rampage/ Griffin is in order.

  10. Makes sense doesn't matter when it comes to Dana's buddies…Chuck, Hughes, Rich Franklin, and Sean Sherk. He's not going to match up Chuck with an opponent that is a bad matchup for him. I think Chuck wants back at the title so whoever he fights will be a good matchup for his style.

  11. as long as he fights 2 of the top guys than he deserves another shot for the title, if they feed him weaker comp. than thats bulshit but i could see it happening.

  12. Regardless of what happens in the mean time, if Chuck gets another title shot, it'll be lights out again at the hands of Rampage.

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