Video: Hanging With Kimbo In The Gym

Kimbo is hungry for a rematch with Sean Gannon.

Slice takes on Tank Abbott February 16 from the Bank United Center at the University of Miami.


  1. Its time to eat. I hope he gets that rematch with Gannon. It shouldn't take long for him to take Gannon out.

  2. i believe kimbo's favorite quote is "all day! all day!"

  3. dane drebin says:

    who gives a shit about gannon he better fight someone real after abbot

  4. I hope Kimbo turns out to be the real deal, unfortunately we wont know until ELITE XC gives him a real opponenet…i thought the stoppage in his first fight was very questionable and the fight with Abbot doesn't mean anything except that if he wins it doesnt prove anything about his skill and talent and if he loses he will be exposed as not a good MMA fighter…

  5. I don't even know who the HW champ is for Elite XC. Who can they set him up with that is going to be enough of a name to give Kimbo credibility?

  6. From what I remember, they have Antonio Silva, Ricco Rodriguez, and Correira, but Tank just knocked out Correira recently. I think Antonio Silva would be a good test.

  7. i hope tank wins of if kimbo wins i hope they throw him real fighters

  8. he should forget the ramatch with gannon if he is not past that level of compition he is not growing that would be a step back.

  9. i hope they do kimbo v gannon

  10. I'll say it again, Kimbo vs. Antonio Silva.

  11. dane drebin says:

    gannon is a waste of time… people who thinks he should get gannon next jsut dont want kimbo to be exposed as a can. i think kimbos a cool guy but i dont know if he's the real deal. Ricco Rodriguez wouldnt be a true test either has anyone else seen him on celebrity rehab its pretty interesting i didnt know he had that much of a drug problem

  12. no wonder ricco had his h.w. belt on e-bay

  13. Roy…lol…

    Okay, one more time. Kimbo vs. Antonio Silva.

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