Video: Goldburg Goes “Toe-to-Toe” with Cung Le and Frank Shamrock

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  1. that was tight..i want to see this fight pretty fucking bad

  2. This was a great vid segment. I can't wait to see the Shamrock/Le fight. I used to admire both fighters because Le dominated San Sho and Shamrock dominated MMA at one point.

  3. Look where the hypoxia training got Wandy. He looked more tired at the end of the fight than Mr. Party. I believe that it makes you stronger when the tank is empty, but also makes your tank empty faster. Seems better to train to stay aerobic, instead of being better anaerobic. Did anyone see Couture on Fight Science? He put that lock on and his muscles had LESS lactic acid than before he started.

  4. Yeah I saw that episode and Couture has trained his muscles for some crazy endurance. Its just like the Silvia fight where he was going strong all five rounds.

    I have never tried hypoxia training and I don't think I would want to. I think they should focus more on working hard cardio while learning to breathe correctly rather than learning to breathe with less air.

  5. cung le is going to bring his A game and throw some hard, fast kicks at shamrock. we will see if shamrock really is a master in the art of fighting.

  6. cung le all the way

  7. i think tito does the right mix by training in the mountains where you can accomplish having less air while still gettin the aerobics….

  8. Kendu377 says:

    Great fight but too bad the cable company screwed it up for us fans on in the east coast. Paid for the fight but when it was time to sit back and enjoy, we got nothing but a blank screen.

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