Video: Gina Carano Reappears, Talks About Live, Life and Fighting

Gina Carano re-appears in public to answer some personal questions from Yahoo Sports Steve Cofield.


  1. Cobra Clutch says:

    Painful. Dude, next time you're going to interview someone have some questions prepared and have an idea where to take the interview! What a moron.

  2. Thank you Cobra Clutch…I've commented multiple times saying exactly those words. Everytime I see a video with Cofield interviewing someone its so awkward. Theres gotta be a better commentator espn can put out there then this guy.

  3. That was painful. The bad interviewer almost over-shadowed how hot Gina is…almost.

  4. Cobra Clutch says:

    Let's start our own interview site and interview Gina ourselves…one by one…for hours. mmmmmmmm.

    (shakes head…back to reality)

    Damn, I'm still on the Internet.

  5. gina isn't looking so hot. she looked damn fine about 1-2 years ago… but now, she is just getting fatter.

  6. derek, stop spouting your blasphemy. That woman is FINEEE.

  7. She did the worm and no one could break out a video phone… shame! I think this guy prolly had a interview planned but got sidetracked trying to find out if he had a chance with her…and the answer is no!

  8. i quote the words of red man,- u give me 5 minutes alone and i would wax that aaaassssssss

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