Video: Gina Carano on ESPN E:60


  1. damn she is hot…i cant wait to see her fight

  2. I would love to help her stretch her hamstrings.

  3. Scooby Doo says:

    Calm down homies she pretty fine, but she has to build he ground game around her muy tai skills. so she can take out some of the more experince fighters. She is doing one hell of job of building up female mma. Go head on girl.

  4. yeah yeah, we all know she is fine. but the question is– can she make weight? she was 180-190 for american gladiator and she is only 5'7. she needs to cut down to 140 to make weight.

  5. yeah i think she is a good fighter but just like tito, i question where her mind is at. she seems to want to be on tv as much as possible. he has trouble making weight and to me that shows some lack of discipline. but at least she's fun to look at.

  6. 180? 190? Your a f@#%ing idiot. She has never weighed that much you jacka$$. Learn about something before you open your stupid mouth. Watch american gladiators and when she comes on they give a profile of the gladiator and when you see that your wrong you should go kill yourself you tard.

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