Video: Frank Shamrock Recaps Loss To Cung Le

Frank Shamrock on loss to Cung Le.
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  1. Wow it broke in the first round and this guy just keeps throwing. Shows alot of heart and explains why round 2-3 he was slowed down. Waiting until you feel you arm start to crack/separate like that is kinda stupid though how much longer will he be out now because he didn't stop sooner.

  2. yeah i got a lot more respect for frank after this fight. with a broken power arm there was really nothing he could do…can't punch, can't block, can't clinch or attempt submissions. i hope he heals and can come back and fight cung le again. i don't know what that injury does to him long term and if he will be able to take those kicks in another fight.

  3. Cung knew he injured Frank's arm and he started to target it. Very smart really. How do you protect your blocking arm – you can't.

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