Video: Fedor Emilenanko vs. Hong-Man Choi


  1. Randy needs to beat Choi first before he starts to make his ridiculous demand of fighting Fedor.

  2. I think Couture vs. Fedor would be a good fight. Choi looks unreal, he looked like a giant. Timberrrr…that guy tried to squash Fedor underneath him. I'm glad they got that crazy lady back to do the intros.

  3. hahha cool fight, Hong man did alot better then i thought he was going to do… Tim vs Hong Man would be funny and Tim would lows bc he is small then Hong man and tim wouldnt know what to do…

  4. Choi must be strong, he damaged Fedor a little in a short time. When Fedor did the first armbar, Choi lifted him up with one arm off the ground like he was a kid holding a leg. It was a pretty good spectacle fight.

  5. Damn, I can't view it from here at work.

    Robert: So now Couture should prove himself against Choi before fighting Fedor? I'd think Choi would have to put a few wins under his belt before getting a shot at Randy if that were the case. Interesting……how do you come to this conclusion? Just curious. BTW Happy New Year everyone.

  6. Heck if Choi can do some damage to Fedor, I'm sure Choi can do something worse to Randy. Randy's still not at Fedor's level. Better yet, fight BIG NOG! Seems like Randy's DUCKING BIG NOG.

  7. Happy New Years Everyone.

    Fedor v. Choi:

  8. what's unique to both fedor and randy is that they are both emotionless. they both talk with these scary no-emotion faces. even when they win, they both are walking around with no smile on their faces. they remind me of serial killers.

  9. regardless if you think HMC is freak or not, give this guy some BJJ or any descent sub defence and he will rack up a body count. your every day single and double leg is not going to work on him. if he is in your gaurd your going home in a body bag. 350+ 7 feet some thing and a bit of hand eye makes u a handfull to even the best

  10. I'm not arguing skill levels (not that I couldn't) but rather from a resume standpoint. Just because Fedor's management set up a fight between Fedor and Choi, doesn't neccessarily mean Choi deserves a fight with Couture. Just my opinion I guess.

  11. randy will maul choi as he did that tall punk sylvia choi needs to mature on his ground game of sure he left his whole arm in there too long fedor took it once before he finished him he shoulda seen it coming right now hes just too big and dum i guess

  12. GOOD LORD! Was that for real?????That guys a freak of nature. Fedor – still the man!

  13. Choi is so big you can watch the fight and pretend its Fedor's "mini me" fighing.

  14. Fedor looked like he was in trouble for a minute. This guy was super strong but U had the feeling that it was only a matter of time b4 he got the arm and it would be over. Randy is not ducking anyone. Why would he duck someone that is not as good as the person he wants to fight. LOL that doesnt make sense. He wants to be considered the #1 fighter in the world and beating Fedor is how that will happen not beating Big Nog. Fighting BN will do nothing for him. He is already considered by me as the number 2 heavyweight fighter atm. Not BN and not barnett.

  15. Okay, I was finally able to view this fight. Damn, what a monster. In my opinion choi doesn't have much skill just size and strength. It almost looked like he'd never heard of an armbar. If you think about it, everything being equal that wasn't even a fair fight…lol.. Choi is almost too big for anyone…That's amazing.

    Anyway, back to Randy. After watching this fight I think it's safe to say Randy would probably finish the fight about as quickly. I'm with Steve also, Randy's not ducking Nog. I think Randy has proven enough.

  16. randy wants fedor not some freakshow that he would tear apart… the only difference is randy wouldnt get slammed like a little boy and would have finished both takedowns. give me a break randy doesnt need to prove himself by fighting this dude ur an idiot… if and when randy is able and willing to fight fedor M1 will eat it up like candy…. not throw hmc at randy… if the remote frak chance randy stumbled and like broke both of his legs and hmc won… m1's superfight would be ruined

  17. Ok we all agree that Randy would probably wipe the floor with Choi because of skill and strategy. I think Randy is starting to feel his age and doesn't want to take more fights to retain his title. He is ready to end his career and wants to end it on the challenge of all challenges. Nog is a great opponent and Randy respects him, but he doesn't care about numbers as much as challenges… and wants Fedor. I think Randy doesn't want to take any other fight becuause…1. He just got married, 2. He devotes a lot of time to his gyms, and 3. He has his heart set one one last fight, the best fight he can get and the only one that can motivate him to train like he should. I can't wait for October 2008.

  18. I think you have to give Fedor credit… maybe Choi has not got the best Skill Set… but he is absolutely enormous and obviously very strong!!! He would make Tim Sylvia look small.

    Fedor vs Randy has to happen sooner or later!

  19. the reason he is not fighting anyone is b/c beating anyone besides fedr will not earn him the respect he wants which is to be #1. He would fight in a heartbeat if fedor signed with the UFC but he didnt so we wait till his contract with UFC expires.

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