Video: ESPN Photo Shoot With Kimbo Slice


  1. Milk it for all you can Bimbo, eventually you will have to fight a real fighter and your fairytale will end. Then you and all of your "boys" will have to go back to the hood and beat up more chumps. Comparing this CBS crap to a reall MMA card is like comparing the WNBA to the NBA. It's not in the same league. Shut up and go away.

  2. no wha i saying???

  3. I think Kimbo is the only fighter in history that grooms his chest hair in different designs.

  4. I like the attention Kimbo brings to the sport. He is not a top heavyweight now and the CBS cards are not anywhere the UFC as far as talent but it is nice to see that more people are embracing the sport as mainstream. Maybe Kimbo will develop into a UFC level fighter and maybe not. Its just great to have all these different venues to the sport other than PPV.

  5. A photo shoot is wearing out kimbo he better do some more cardio.

    James "Glass jaw" Thompson I hope he doesn't pull an upset out of his rear-end somehow. Maybe he'll try for a takedown or something.

  6. Kimbo needs to be taken to the later rounds someones needs to fight him smarter…. wear him out then….. take him out….

  7. allknowingmma says:

    haters please be quiet….Kimbo has got mad talent, tenacity, desire, everything you need to make it to the top of the sport.

  8. i think that kimbo needs to prove himself some more but at the same time he is a badass…fighting has to have people like kimbo slice fighting though bcuz it's good publicity having a tempermental brawler fighting for your organization

  9. i think the elite show is going to be very entertaining, and you can't beat free live mma.

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