Video: ESPN E:60 Manny Pacquiao

ESPN E:60 feature’s Filipino boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao as he prepares for the fight of his career against Oscar Del La Joya in December.


  1. Boxing sucks i lost interest after Mike Tyson became all crazy…its all about MMA now…

  2. damn many is a real camp..

    i really wnt to see this boxing match.

  3. I thought it was funny when Maywether said he wanted to do MMA…that guy would get his ass kicked if it went to the ground but it would be fun to see him in MMA.

  4. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Used to like boxing… til MMA came!

  5. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Yet, you see he went and did a WWE PPV instead! He knows he'd get fucked up. Boxers were never the best fighters in the world. They used to get killed in the old UFC days before it was even MMA, it was the best of which styles and boxers were usually the 1st to go.

  6. I remember that…

  7. I used to like MMA until Kimbo got his ass kicked.

  8. mma/boxing says:

    i'm really sick of these "new" mma fans who knows nothing about both mma and boxing. both are different sports. boxing is one of the fundamentals of mma. MMA – is a Mixed Martial Arts, meaning more than 1 martial arts…boxing + wresting, jiu-jutsu + sambo….what even combination you want. I love both sports. I've been watching UFC back when it was banned. Also, MMA is not just UFC. Most novice mma fans thinks mma is all about ufc. There are other mma organization besides UFC. The funny thing is, most top mma fighters even dana white knows that boxing is different than mma. Ask chuck liddel, dana white, rich franklin, anderson silva, andre arlovski, tito ortiz. All have said they're boxing fans. Dana white loves boxing, just not the way boxing is being organized.

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